Atlante Avila
23 Apr 2011

I love this place! Their Sweet and Sour Pork is Delicious!!

Ley Obenza
23 Apr 2011

I love the great food and your prices are awesome!

ashley weir
26 Apr 2011

great food =)

08 Jun 2011

Great place, great atmosphere - very friendly staff and awesome food!

28 Jun 2011

OMG. I Love this place! The food is always fresh hot when its delivered, the staff is awesome. Try the spicy crispy beef... its the best.

17 Jan 2012

This has been a favorite for years, since we moved into the area. The food is awesome. The staff is awesome. The value... You guessed it-- awesome. We are so happy we have Good Friends!

05 Mar 2012

I love this place!

30 Mar 2012

This place is AWESOME! Love ever thing about it--especially Monica--she's the best!!!

03 May 2012

Excellent food with matching service!
A +++

19 Jul 2012

uuuuuhhhhhhhhh............. i never had their food before. but its iyeet

Michael Pitzner
31 Jul 2012

Monica at Good Friends my go to gal when I need quality food at an affordable price. I recommend Good Friends without any reservations!!! Thanks Monica!!!

TJ Downes
11 Aug 2012

Best Chinese food in Sacramento. The service is awesome as well. I can't say enough about this place, they rock! Be sure to try the Garlic Spicy Chicken Wings.

Jennifer Williams
16 Sep 2012


My name is Jennifer Williams am hearing impaired I Want to make order 120 Boneless Chicken Broccoli with Rice and salad for my Dad's B-Party and This is a pick up order so it will be pick up by 4:pm by my private courier services on 20th of October so can you handle that for me and let me have the total cost plus tax so i can make the prepay payment with my credit card ?

Kind Regard
Jennifer Williams

08 Nov 2013

I have been a customer at this restaurant for a couple of years now since I live in the neighborhood. I called in my order and when i went to pay the girl, I found I left my bank card in my jacket pocket at home, but I had my checkbook. The girl told me they didn't take checks. She got on the phone to call the manager. I waited and waited. I finally got tired of waiting and was leaving. The girl came outside to tell me the manager called her back and I could pay with a check. As I was walking back in to pay, she started telling me to be patient and that everyone has bad days. Her attitude while dressing me down was such that I turned around and left. There were no signs posted anywhere that said they don't take checks. I will not be going back to that restaurant again because of the way the waitress treated me.

01 Jan 2014

This place is soo good! I recently tried the sushi, so great. I always pick something different from the menu, never been disappointed. Great staff as well!

03 Jan 2014


Miz D
14 Mar 2014

Always have excellent food! Having lived in Japan for 3 years I can vouch for the Japanese menu!

30 May 2014

We have been i the area for a few years now and were sad that we only found this place in the last 6 months. We are so excited to have a great chinese food place in the natomas area! #goodfriendsfaithful

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